BattleGellerz is a mobile event service that brings the newest craze of gelball to any party.

We provide an all inclusive experience; bringing all the equipment needed which encourages a stress-free environment for all players, attendees, and host. Our 900 sqft arena  is enclosed allowing nonparticipants to cheer on the game while remaining safe. Our event coordinators are friendly, enthusiastic, and conscientious of safety. 

Gel Ball is a competitive sport activity with the use of a gel blaster  that shoots small super-absorbent polymer water beads. Gel Ball is similar to paintball but without the mess and without the pain.

It hurts enough to keep players moving. It feels like a snap of a rubberband.


Our policy is 7+.

Our arena is 20×45 ft. The ideal space would be 30×50 to fit all equipment needed. Imagine the size of one-third of a basketball court.

Yes, up to 50 miles round trip from the 92584 zip code is included in the package. Any mileage greater than that will be $2 per mile.

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